Canon PIXMA TR8552 Driver Download


Canon PIXMA TR8552 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TR8552 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TR8552 Driver Download – The Canon Pixma TR8552 printer is outlined with a compacted body with fax input affirmation work. Enter the goal fax number twice, and if not, drop the transmission.

Capacity Confirm goal fax data. On the off chance that the number you are dialing does not coordinate the goal station number, the transmission number will stop. Re-try the title to the board. When you select an address from the address book and others, the title will be shown again in the board. Counteract wrong transmission.

The impedance aversion work that identifies the active dial tone keeps the wrong association when active and approaching calls meddle. “Coordinate Card” that can be printed just by embeddings “straightforwardly plug card” embed card plug. Printer Canon Pixma TR8552 2 of every 1 adaptation is fit for performing 2 assignments from one side to one sheet, copy 4 out of 1 that permits copying by 4 conceivable.

Indeed, even with countless, the quantity of duplicates can be put away significantly more. “Auto Sizing Copy” which is likewise the first scales that you need to copy bigger or littler than paper stacked, you can consequently zoom to fit the paper. You can likewise amplify/decrease the typical size like postcards → A4, A4 → postcards.

Lovely auto-tuning with programmed alterations of original copies that tend to flaunt. The suitable duplicates might be unique as you need them replicated, for example, the Dark Earth daily paper, mixed original copies, pictures and magazines with letters. For instance, keeping the evacuation of foundation hues in content reports, anticipating development, stressing characters, and naturally amending dangerous or senseless pictures.

1. Wireless Connection

How to start Canon Printer with Wireless Connection

Make the Connection between the printer and devices, like computer/smartphone/tablet, using a wireless modem/router.

If you own a wireless modem/router, it is recommended that you use it to make the wireless connection.

  • It can be variation of Connection methods, depending on the wireless router type.
  • The network settings can be changed, you can changes the SSID and security protocol on the printer.
  • After the connection between a device and a wireless modem/router is successfully completed and  (Wi-Fi icon) is displayed in the device’s screen, you are able to connect the device to the printer using the wireless router.

2. USB Connection

  • Download the driver software based on your operating system Version from the table below
  • Double Click on the driver software file
  • Follow the instruction
  • Connect the printer USB cable to your computer
  • When the installation procedures are done, print a test page
  • If it prints well, the printer is ready to use.

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Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit

OS X 10.9,OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.6

Linux 64bit
Linux 32bit

Canon PIXMA TR8552 Driver Download